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Brand: PatchPhrase Model: have-a-day
PatchPhrase is back with another collaboration! This time the artist is a local resident and veteran who can be found by his Instagram handle xdrewstroyerx.We ask that you head on over and give him a follow for future insight on new patch designs he may have.While you're at it, you should follow..
Brand: PatchPhrase Model: have-a-nice-day-asehole
Show off your funny side with this PatchPhrase exclusive patch. Originally intended to appease the humor of the world renowned Rivet Joint ASEs, we have made this patch available to anyone to own. We're sure that you'll get some heads to turn and admire you while you wear this brig..
Brand: PatchPhrase Model: pentab-rc135vw-343d
If you are an aircrew member serving on the RC-135V/W Rivet Joint platform you can show your pride with our PatchPhrase exclusive patch.This patch features a front view of a Rivet Joint and the text in white on a red background, and all this is surrounded by a high strength merrowed border.The..
Brand: PatchPhrase Model: ups-coh
The UPS® - Circle of Honor Award and Patch is dedicated to those who have been driving for the company without any accidents over a distinguishable amount of time.The patch is embroidered in Gold thread on Brown backing.If you are ordering multiple year quantities and qualify for the bulk..
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