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About Us

Mission Statement

PatchPhrase is committed to delivering customers high quality, value-based, unique, custom patches.

Not only will we manufacture patches for our customers, but we also put in the effort to provide alternative and non-standard techniques that are unique to our production. As a small shop we can guarantee that each patch passes a strict quality control before it is sent out the door.





Our Statement to Product Quality


PatchPhrase designs and manufactures patches. Our emphasis is on providing quality unique patches for the military community as well as the private sector. Our patches have been used for name patches on US Military flight suits, custom squadron patches, and other commission designs.

Although some designs are done by independent artists, we strive to keep most work in-house.   We start with a concept or rendered artwork, use digitizing software to create the design, and enhance clothing items and other textile materials through embroidery or other methods like sublimation. We also provide the service of creating a design for use on other mediums, such as printing or digital signage.